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Philosophy and History of Science



Philosophy and History of Science can be described in the framework of History of Civilization. In this course, “Philosophy and History of Science” is aimed to be taught by covering the students in various aspects of the history of civilization, the recognition and related topics. The main purpose of the course is to provide young people with self-awareness and awareness of their humanity. Young generations are expected to utilize from the values that the Mankind has produced throughout history by taking advantage of this consciousness to contribute to their real-life experiences. Adhering to the premise that scientific information needs to be cumulative, it is aimed to teach young minds how to create this accumulation of knowledge and how to convert this accumulation to awareness. In Philosophy and History of Science, students can understand better the processes of change and environmental problems with the course of today's society and they may take active roles to solve problems instead of remaining passive.

This course is composed of seven modules. You can access each modules by following links below. Each module contains reading text, watching video and other course activities. In each module, you should read the text, watch the video and take the self- assessment quiz.

We strongly recommend you to follow instructions in each step to increase your success and not get lost among tools in this learning environment.


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